The opening theme for debate in this new Blog Site introduced by one of the oldest Tamil Organisations in South Africa, the Natal Tamil Vedic Society (NTVS) is MUSIC : “ The the human mind has a great depth of power and is a seat of many emotions. Music has a soothing way to comfort one’s mind. The cosmic vibrations of the classical Indian tunes have a mystical way to calm the mind and dispel its melancholy. Ancient sages have recognised the importance of this and have applied this in the practice called “Naadayoga”. Amongst the various yogas, this is the most important one, because it has an in-built aesthetic vitality. It is a noble means to attain God-realisation .” LOUD MUSIC at INDIAN WEDDING CEREMONIES Weddings are events for celebrations. Loud music contributes to the events preceding and after the wedding. One accepts that. It’s common across most cultures . WHY! OH WHY! DO WE HAVE SUCH LOUD MUSIC DURING THE PRAYERS SO CRITICAL TO THE HOLY ENJOINING OF